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Do you want to acknowledge unconscious emotions and begin the journey to healing?

Reconnect to your felt sense with Alchemy Meditation

Learn to recognise
unconscious emotions
using your felt sense

Sometimes we defend ourselves from overwhelming or painful experiences by hiding them from our conscious awareness. But though our mind may forget, our body remembers.

Every experience, emotion, action, or reaction we’ve ever been through is stored in our body archive – a sort of inner library of our lives. Tapping into the felt sense through Alchemy Meditation is like having a key to that library.

Being able to access our unconscious emotions empowers us to process them and begin the journey to healing.

Free event 21st May 0900 BST Reserve my free spot
What is the felt sense?

Coined by philosopher Eugene Gendlin, ‘felt sense’ describes a connection between our mind and body. You might also hear it described as ‘bodily awareness’.

A physical rather than mental experience, felt sense is a combination of emotion, awareness, intuitiveness and embodiment. Like a ‘gut feeling’, or the way a particular piece of music moves you, or that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see a friend after a long time.

Studies have found our ability to reference our sensations and feelings within our own body has a remarkable impact on the outcome of therapy.

Reconnect to your felt sense on World Meditation Day

During this free, one-off event, you’ll be guided through a 40-minute Alchemy Meditation designed to help you begin reconnecting to your felt sense.

Learn how to identify body sensations that may have previously gone unnoticed, caused confusion, or even discomfort. Begin to recognise signs of unconscious emotions – the first step towards enhancing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Join us

Join our global community for a transformational experience as we come together to celebrate World Meditation Day, and come away with invaluable skills to use in your daily life.


May 21st
0900–1000 BST

World Meditation Day

Live online event

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Meet your instructor

Pablo Castro has been a facilitator and trainer with Alchemy of Breath for over four years, holding space for thousands of breathers and guiding hundreds of students to becoming breathwork facilitators. He created our free World Meditation Day event to share the transformational power of somatic meditation and the felt sense.

“The body is an archive of everything that has ever happened for us and to us. If we wish to transform or find ourselves, we must become more aware of how and who we are in this moment.

This mediation is like saying, “Alright life, I’m here and I’m ready!” I believe it’s one of the strongest therapies around – and only we can do the work.”

Free event 21st May 0900 BST Reserve my free spot

Hear from our community

Alchemy meditation has allowed me to have access to my deeper self, intuition, and my own healing power potential. With Alchemy Meditation, I do quickly slow down my thoughts more than just simply noticing my breath awareness. By doing so, it feels like I’m having an intimate conversation with my inner self, which charges my soul. I learn to trust myself more and more with this meditation. Jihyun Choi
Every time I do an Alchemy meditation with Pablo, I have the most profound experience and I feel so many things shift afterward! This is one of my favorite meditations to connect with myself on a deep level. Keryn-Leigh
The AOB meditation with Pablo is such an amazing tool to drop into your felt sense and connect with yourself! Pablo guides with his heart and creates a loving space of exploration. Thank you, Pablo! Jacynthe Côté
Alchemy meditation is so many things: it’s a way to drop into the here and now, to the present moment, drop into the temple of your body and raise your body awareness. The practice brings calmness and often leads to insights. I love to take part and facilitate it. Michal Piasecki